Get LVT Flooring Dubai, UAE

LVT flooring Dubai has now become the most obvious and preferred floor covering solution among people when compared to other types of flooring. Because of their high-end manufacturing approach and seamless aesthetics, these floors are the center of focus as well.

The LVT flooring Dubai is considered one of the best vinyl flooring treatments because it provides the users with the most amazing beautifications and is cheap as compared to the other floor covering types as well. After getting our LVT Floors installed in your place you will definitely enjoy some extraordinary features out of which some are:

    • These LVT floors are completely waterproof
    • You can enjoy a long-term serviceability approach.
    • LVT flooring Dubai, UAE is a budget-friendly flooring solution.
    • Our top-class LVT floors are insanely durable.
    • You can add to the beauty of your property instantly by using LVT floors.

LVT Flooring Dubai Is Crafted Innovatively For Friendly Usage

The LVT Floors are actually crafted in the form of plain sheets. After the sheet is fully wood manufactured then it is carefully and precisely cut down to the shape of planks.

These LVT Flooring Dubai s are formed in a multilayered form that enhances durability and makes the planks sturdier. And then for giving them a proper shape, these planks are passed from the rollers in which heat and pressure are applied.

  • These planks are perfectly shaped under the influence of heat and pressure.
  • The width of these planks is 300 mm.
  • LVT click flooring comes in a thickness of 6.5 mm.
  • The thickness of the top tough layer is about 0.5 mm.
Get LVT Flooring Dubai, UAE

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    We Offer Stick Down LVT Flooring Installation Services At Your Doorstep

    For the installation of your LVT floors, your top priority must be hiring a completely professional and experienced person. Because you know that these technical jobs demand great expertise and level of understanding as well. So if you are worried about the fixing of your floors then you should not worry as we are here to aid you in this problem as well.

    Our fixing crew is very professional and they know completely about their work. The workers are equipped with modern tools and have complete knowledge about the LVT flooring Dubai installation techniques as well. They are always ready to serve you with their socks pulled up. No matter in which part of the town you live in, we will provide our top-class services at your doorstep.

    Besides these high-end services, our rates are low as compared to the other companies in the market. We offer our clients the most competitive rates in the whole market so that the pockets of the clients do not feel too heavy. Our company also provides vinyl flooring discount offers on a regular and occasional basis.


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    We at Fixitflooring.com, besides providing our clients with top-quality products, offer all the floor-related services as well. No matter whether you want the renovation of your Luxury Vinyl Tiles Flooring done or have to install a new floor, we are here. Our rates are highly competitive in the market so that you can get the job done on a small budget.

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    We offer a wide variety of LVT floors that include LVT herringbone flooring, LVT vinyl flooring, LVT bathroom flooring, LVT wooden flooring, and much more. We believe that providing clients with an extensive floor covering approach gives them complete freedom to choose just according to their needs and requirements. So remember us for your flooring jobs.

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    If you are in search of a company that provides you with a complete package for your LVT flooring Dubai then you are at the right place. Fixitflooring.com is the UAE’s number flooring company and the best supplier of flooring products as well. Besides the products, we also offer our clients the most efficient and worthy floor fixing and installation services at their doorsteps.