Excellent Parquet Flooring in Dubai

Experience the top-quality parquet floor treatment with the Fixit Flooring team. 

High-quality Materials

Highly Durable

Variety of Finishes

Low Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Cheap Alternative

Versatile Pattern Options

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We Offer Top Quality Parquet Flooring in Dubai At Low Prices

If your floor is always hot due to the extremely hot weather, you should consider our parquet floors for your home. Our parquet flooring in Dubai will keep your floor cool underfoot. We deliver the best flooring solutions at affordable prices.

You can use our flooring in the UAE without putting financial pressure on you. We offer the best possible affordable prices for every service we provide. In this way, you can afford our top-class services like everyone else.

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    Contact Us to Enjoy Our Services

    If you want to make your home elegant with a beautiful flooring solution, contact us today.

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    We Have the Best Flooring Solutions for You

    Get in touch with us so that we can serve you as your favorite parquet flooring supplier in Dubai to transform your home into a heaven on earth.

    Experience Excellence in Every Type of Parquet Flooring 

    We offer exceptional flooring solutions that resonate with every room’s distinctiveness. From surface preparation to quality assurance, our parquet flooring in Dubai brings value to your place. Some of the types of parquet flooring that we offer are as follows:

    solid wood parquet flooring

    Solid Wood Parquet Flooring

    This flooring is made from a single piece of hardwood and this type has a beautiful appearance. It’s strong, provides parquet flooring thickness, and is more sensitive.

    laminate parquet flooring

    Laminate Parquet Flooring

    This flooring option is affordable and durable, and it looks like real wood. It’s easy to maintain. You can choose different patterns like basketweave and chevron.

    herringbone laminate flooring

    Herringbone Parquet Flooring

    Herringbone flooring type has a classic pattern where rectangular blocks create a V-shaped design. It gives a touch of sophistication to any space.

    mosaic parquet flooring

    Mosaic Parquet Flooring

    You will notice uniqueness in your place by installing our parquet flooring in Dubai with mosaic patterns. Call us today to get the perfect floor treatment. 

    Contact Us For Advanced Parquet Flooring Installation in Dubai

    Our team of professionals uses advanced technologies and techniques for parquet flooring installation in Dubai. They have years of experience and they have expertise in all types of parquet patterns. We ensure perfection in every project to ensure the guaranteed sophistication and elegance of your place.

    vinyl flooring dubai

    Why Our Parquet Flooring is Special?

    If you want to transform your space into a beautiful piece of flooring art, give us a call, and you won’t regret it. We, as parquet flooring suppliers, guarantee you the following features:

    Multi Layered Surface

    Variety of Patterns and Designs

    Our parquet flooring in Dubai comes in a wide range of patterns and designs that include classic herringbone, chevron, basketweave, and many more.

    Fade Resistant

    Long Lasting

    Our parquet tiles flooring are tough and long-lasting. It’s an excellent choice for places like homes or offices where lots of people walk around all day.

    Stain Resistant

    Easy Maintenance

    This flooring is an easy-to-maintain solution for your home or office. It can be cleaned easily, and dirt spots are easily cleaned.

    Modern Look

    Different Materials

    You have the choice to pick the desired pattern and flooring material for parquet floor treatment with us.

    vinyl flooring dubai

    Leading Parquet Flooring Company in Dubai

    We have been serving parquet flooring in Dubai for many years with excellence and every customer loves our work. We maintain quality and professionalism throughout our operation. We have the best people in our team who made Fixit Flooring a reputable brand. Book our affordable flooring services today!

    Our Recent Parquet Flooring Installation Projects

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    parquet flooring in uae

    How You Can Get Our Parquet Flooring Services

    If you want the best look of parquet floors in your home or office, reach out to us following the below-mentioned roadmap:

    call us

    Call Us

    If you wish to use our excellent luxurious flooring services at affordable prices, get in touch with us through our contact details.

    Free Consultation

    Book an Appointment

    You are welcome to visit our showroom or talk directly to our professionals. Book an online appointment with our team.

    Home Visit

    Tell Us Your Requirements

    Through call, email, or even by visiting our shop, let us know what sort of parquet flooring services you want.

    Service Delivery

    Get Served

    After submitting your request, our team will provide you with the perfect floor treatment. Get ready to experience luxury.

    parquet flooring shop
    parquet flooring uae

    Why Choose Us?

    Our team of experts works using the latest techniques and tools so that we can exceed customer’s expectations. We always provide our 100% to make your parquet flooring in Dubai a masterpiece.

    Professional Team

    Our staff is highly skilled in installing flooring with the most amazing parquet patterns. 

    Quality Materials

    Quality is the heart of our business. We carefully select the best quality flooring materials.

    Durability Assurance

    We assure you that our installed parquet floors in Dubai will last for 30+ years.

    We Offer Parquet Flooring Services in All Areas of the UAE

    Local Area

    Palm Jumeirah

    Local Area

    Al Quoz

    Local Area


    Local Area


    Local Area

    Abu Dhabi

    Local Area


    Local Area


    Local Area

    Al Jaddaf

    Local Area

    Al Barsha

    Local Area

    Dubai Marina

    Frequently Asked Question

    The cost of parquet flooring in Dubai depends on many factors, like the type of wood, design, and size of the room. Solid wood parquet is considered the most expensive, while laminate parquet is the most affordable. Call us now for a free quote!

    We provide natural and synthetic materials for people who want parquet flooring in Dubai. It’s very durable and, as it’s made of hardwood. Even our synthetic materials like laminate, vinyl, and others are very durable.

    Parquet floors are better than tiles based on aesthetic appeal. Parquet flooring can be a game-changing treatment for your home. They add beauty to your home or office with their innovative patterns.

    Parquet flooring is a long-lasting flooring option. If you use them without using harsh chemicals on it, they can shine for 15 to 25 years. With our guidelines and protective coating on them, our parquet floors last for 30+ years.

    Yes, parquet floors are a better option. The reason behind this is that parquet flooring is more durable. If we talk about price, parquet flooring is more expensive to purchase than laminate flooring initially, but it’s worth getting this treatment.

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