Laminate Flooring vs. Engineered Wood Flooring

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When it comes to flooring the surface of your home there are different varieties are available like hardwood, vinyl, tiles, laminate, faux wood, etc. Every homeowner wants to install the best flooring that can enhance the interior decor of your home.

The floor is the largest surface area in every home and selecting the flooring type can make or break the entire look of your home. As far as the Laminate and engineered wood flooring are concerned people get confused about which one would be the best for them.

To help you in making the right decision we brought a comparison between laminate and engineered wood flooring. In this article, we will discuss laminate flooring VS engineered wood flooring from each perspective.

Laminate Flooring VS Engineered Wood Flooring | Lets Start The Battle

The main differenc between laminate vs engineered wood flooring. We will discuss each time one by one for making a clear comparison of laminate flooring VS engineered wood flooring. 

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is not a natural material and manufactured by mankind and consists of several layers with the base of fiberboard and the top layer is a photogenic layer. After this, a transparent protective layer is applied to it to keep it safe from getting any damage.

In the past years, laminate flooring becoming popular among people for giving a great texture to the surface of the floor. It makes your floor look so interesting that can attract anyone who takes a glimpse of it.

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective option look at laminate flooring VS engineered wood flooring.  It is best for people who want high-quality performance by spending less expense on it. This flooring is hard enough that can be durable for applying in the home or offices. If you want to install a hard floor then laminate flooring would be the best option for you.

Pros Of Laminate Flooring

There are different pros of installing laminate flooring that are given below:

  • Easy To Install

Laminate flooring is easy to install as compared to engineered wood. You can fit it in different areas of your home except for the moistured ones. Choose the water-resistant laminate flooring of wet areas.

  • Eay To Clean

You can easily clean the laminate floor by using a vacuum or a broom. Use a damped mop and wipe it around the floor for getting the perfect cleaning.

  • Less Expensive 

The laminate flooring is less expensive as compared to engineered wood flooring because it is made up of using a cheap material that is less costly as compared to the materials used in manufacturing the engineered wood.

  • Stain Resistant

The laminate flooring didn’t get stains easily that is the best thing about it.

  • Anti-Allergic

The laminate floor also didn’t absorb the allergic elements that are why bets for the people who are allergic to the germs absorbed by the floor.

Cons Of Laminate Flooring

There are different cons of installing laminate flooring that are given below:

  • Damage To Moisture 

If more water is left on the surface of flooring laminate flooring then it would cause big damage to the floor and can’t be repaired easily.

  • Appearance Is Not So Good

When you install the laminate flooring in your home it would give an ugly look to your interior as compared to the engineered wood flooring.

  • Hard & Noisy

Laminate flooring is so hard and that’s why when you walk on it or anything dropped on the floor will create such an odd noise that can disturb any person.

  • Emits Some Chemicals 

Some toxic elements add when the laminate flooring has been manufactured that cause the emission of VOCs when it is installed in your home. It is hazardous for that places where the ventilation is not done properly.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is made up of different layers. The top layer is composed of thin hardwood and the other layers are made up of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) that is made from wood strands.

Engineered wood gives the appearance of a hard wooden floor. Engineered wood flooring is more durable than laminate flooring because the wood layers are compressed perfectly that didn’t wrap or flex. The engineered wood flooring can be replaced easily. It is more costly as compared to the laminate flooring.

Pros Of Engineered Wood Flooring

There are different pros of engineered wood flooring that are given below:

  • Temperature Resistant

As the engineered wood is made up of core composite layers, it didn’t get any damaged due to the consistent temperature falls on the surface of it. It keeps the floor mostly cool.

  • Moisture Resistant

Due to its hardcore layers, it is resistant to moisturization. When the water drops fall down, it didn’t absorb these drops and you can easily wipe it off by using a soft cloth

  • Eco Friendly

The engineered wood flooring is eco-friendly as compared to the vinyl and laminate flooring that is not made up of natural material like wood. It didn’t harm you in any way and didn’t cause any health issues.

  • Durable

Engineered wood flooring is more durable as compared to laminate flooring. t=thios floor can last for many years without getting any damage if they are properly cleaned and maintained.


Cons Of Engineered Wood Flooring

There are different cons of engineered wood flooring that are given below:

  • Limited Resurfacing

Because the engineered wood flooring is made up of sand material. It may refinish only for few times and sometimes can be refinished only for one time.

  • Require More Maintenance

It requires more maintenance as compared to the laminate flooring. You have to take special care of it and make sure that the floor didn’t get any damage that can’t be repaired.

  • More Expensive 

The engineered wood flooring is more expensive as compared to the laminate.

Final Verdict!

After discussing laminate flooring VS engineered wood flooring from all perspectives we come to the verdict that engineered wood flooring is an elegant and attractive option for your home interior if you are looking for giving a traditional look to your home. Apart from this, it is also easy to install over concrete or rough surfaces.

But if you are looking a cheap and easy-to-maintain flooring for your home and didn’t care about the appearance then you can choose the laminate flooring.


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